Raybestos ‘53 Chevy Pickup Rendering Revealed

This Truck's -A- Rockin'

Watch the magic as it happens. Follow the story of the 1953 Chevy Pickup build from the time it rolled off the trailer
and into the shop to the Las Vegas unveiling in November 2018.


The wait is over. The rendering of the Raybestos® 1953 Chevrolet® pickup truck has been unveiled and is available for viewing at www.raybestosbuild.com. Raybestos has partnered with the legendary Jeff Schwartz and his team at Schwartz Performance to restore this iconic vehicle to its original grandeur.



A Rough Start

Take It Down

What Lies Beneath

Cabin Fever

This Is Beneath You

The Cool Factor

Dirty Deeds


Body Building

Brake Time

Brake It Down

Mock Up Artist

Nice Rear End

Welcome To The Machining

A Fine Line

Underneath It All

In The Buff

A Higher Calibre Caliper

Optima Performance

Sit On It!

Inner Strength

In The Beginning

Out With The Old

Starting Out At The Bottom

Bottoms Up

Howdy Partners

Body By Jeff

Puttin' On Some Mockup

Machining For The Machine

Fuelish Pride

Underneath It All

Getting Buffed

Brake Time

Who's in Charge?

Sit On It!

Inner Strength

Out With The Old...